These books can improve your life and the life of your loved ones!



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Waya and the Wolves is an engaging short story inspired by a Cherokee legend called the Two Wolves.
Story and lessons to be shared with your loved ones.

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Noipap is a text that enters the deep and allows the reader to define an inner journey. The literary work is presented as a tale of multiple episodes, which through legends and aphorisms, induces the audience to reflection. It is the voice of a soul that wants to communicate with other souls. The descriptions are detailed and leverage on the five senses, the goal is the total involvement. The clear and simple language makes the story highly communicative and easily interpretable; the readers can read every single concept, uploading their own personal experiences. It is not just a book about dreams, but it is a metaphorical journey of the author and the community towards their goals. Who would not want to thrive and achieve their dreams?

“Noipap is a deceptively simple fable that can free you from self-limiting beliefs and allow you to see life’s possibilities.”

Dawn Raffel

Editor & Wall Street Journal Bestseller Author

“For me, the Word is the most important thing. I treat my patients with Words and not with medicines. I recommend Traian with respect and consideration for his special care for the Word.”

Idalgo Carrara

Psychoanalyst, author of fifteen books, Counselor Oriented to Psychotherapists, Expert on the subject at the Italian Institute of Philology, at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters in the University of Studies from Verona.


Hi I’m Traian the author of Noipap, the book that will improve your life and the life of your loved ones.

I wrote this book impressed by the idea of creating a product able to bring more value in the life of the buyer than the money he paid for.

This book is the result of a long journey that starts after I failed living a healthy life ending in a hospital bed, half dead, with an internal hemorrhage caused by a duodenal ulcer caused by my stressful lifestyle and bad habits.

Guided by money and not by my passions or dreams, six years ago I was working at a job I didn’t fully liked for 6 day a week, sometimes 14 days in a row for 10,12, 14 and even 16 hours a day.

I did it for a better life, I did it to help my family and to afford more material stuff. Between the age of 25 and the age of 27 I increased my salary with 400% but I wasn’t happier.

In the hospital I realized the mess I was in.

I had no time for my family, my passions; I had no idea what was my life purpose.

The first part of recovery from internal bleeding began in the hospital and in one of that days, taking a few steps in the hospital garden, I saw a flower and it seems to me that it was for the first time that I saw a flower in my life.

In that flower I have seen not only beauty but also a vibrant energy, the mystery of life, I saw myself connected as never before with that flower and with the whole world. In that flower for a few moments I saw everything and everything changed inside me.

I understood that the differences between us doesn’t separate us and we are all One because we are all like little different pieces of a big puzzle, we are all part from a bigger image and we are all interconnected.

From that moment I start searching for a meaning, I start take philosophy classes, I went to workshops, seminars, I start doing volunteering, meditation and pushing my limits with sport and reading a lot of books.

In that time I understood that the most powerful experiences and the most fulfilling was when I helped others to fulfill their dreams or just make them a better day.

That was my “Aha” Moment.

I took everything that I learned and changed my life (from different cultures, books, extraordinary people and experience that opened my mind) and putted in the Noipap’s Story.

By learning I mean introduce an idea or concept in my day-to-day life and observe the big impact that had on my life.

Now I’m healthier and stronger than ever, I’m the master of my time; I’m guided by my passions and the inner need to help others and I’m happy to be alive.

I became a stories-maker using the simple words and metaphors and I’m devoted to the people with the inner need to evolve and to break their limits.

But what is Noipap a soul story about?

This book is a long journey because after I wrote it in six months I spent another 3 years editing it, trying to make it easier to read.

Translated in Italian and English I kept cutting, looking to create a simple and empowering text.


I even turn the hole story up-side down, to bring the reader directly to the message of the book and I published for the first time in Italian version, Romanian and English. Is a book that start’s with the last chapter and goes back ending with the first chapter.


But my turning point starts when I met Julie Morgenstern an internationally renowned Organizing and Time Management Expert, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Consultant, Speaker and a loving human being who believed that the book has the potential to be beautiful and inspiring to others.

So thanks to her I had the opportunity to work with Dawn Raffel ho is a Wall Street Journal Bestseller Author and an independent editor with a past experience as a fiction editor for many years, helped launch O, The Oprah Magazine, where she served as Executive Articles Editor for seven years, and subsequently held senior-level “at- large” positions at More magazine and Reader’s Digest.

Dawn Raffel is an extraordinary editor who brought my book to the next level.

After she finished editing the book, suggested me to consider publishing the book as a fable starting with the first chapter.


So I start working on the interior design for other six months preparing the both versions of the book: The Classic Story called Noipap The Story Of A Soul and Noipap A Soul Story.

But I also took 7 inspirational stories from Noipap dialogs and created a short book called 7Stories for 7 Days ,
 with the idea that 
adults and children can share this
 “inspirational week trip”.
Parents and children can go around the world tasting different cultures from their own bedroom, creating a stronger family bond.
I believe that reading one story each night, from Monday to Sunday can be very beneficial at intellectual, emotional and spiritual level but also motivational enough to pursue the dreams that can bring magic 
in our life.

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By the way I told you that you are protected by a money back guarantee?


Staisfaction guaranteed

This book has a 100 % satisfaction guaranteed.

If for any reason you don’t like it, please send us an email at info@noipap.com with your bank account or your paypal account details and a photo with the receipt of the book purchase.

We will refund you without any question and you can keep the book as a gift.

You can simply keep it, you can also give it as a gift to someone who may be glad to read it or donate to a public library. It is your choice.

But if this book will improve your lifestyle, will improve automatically the life of many children because 33% of the revenues are donated to orphans and special children from different part of the world.

Please sustain my message and share it with your loved ones, family and friends, together we will create a win-win-win world connection.

Because if you use even only one concept from the books you will improve your life and that’s a win, I win a happy reader and the opportunity to continue my work being paid by you and the children will win 33% of the royalties and the chance for a better life.


What do people say about Noipap:

“Noipap is the journey of the hero living inside each of us. What is more, it is the start-up for those who want to give their best, grow  up and break their limits.  An engaging narrative dedicated both to adults and children.
 Stories and lessons to be shared with the loved ones.”  Alina V. Tonu -NLP Coach, Trainer, Image Consultant at ALLYC

“A wonderful contribution to the search for the truth about our life and the universe; bringing together many important themes while using the thoughts of many great thinkers reminding us that it is through our personal struggle and experience that we get to realize this truth.” Margaret Rathwell -English Teacher


“A soul medicine”   Elena Maria Formenton

“Two lines only to tell you how much i liked the book. I found it comforting and reassuring (nowadays there’s a need for both). The use of metaphor using animals makes the book exciting to read even for the younger readers, with valuable help for the educators.” Gemma Maffei Baldazzi

“With this book, the writer intends to help the readers discover themselves and bring light to the deepest corners of their souls, as well as test their own limits. With each page, we discover a metaphorical sensitive and engaging journey which we all have to take at one point and that helps us search for that strength, will and motivation which we all possess deep inside and which we all need badly in order to overcome life’s obstacles and tests that otherwise may seem insurmountable. These pages reveal a process of mental and spiritual growth, a life lesson for all of us which can help us follow our dreams and achieve our goals.” Cinzia Passarelo & Luca Massola –Body&Soul Spinning Gym

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